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I have attached Polaris Customer services lame replies to my question below, it's really pretty sad that they won't forward the question to the technical department. I love the product but Polaris really needs to work on customer service!!!!!

Question: I recently had a Compression release failure where the lever release blew a hole in the cover plate that it resides behind on my 2004 Sportsman 500 which caused a massive oil leak, luckily I was in my driveway when it happened so no other engine damage was caused due to lack of oil. I am interested in finding out if anyone has seen this problem before, and if so what could have caused this to happen. My dealer who I know and trust tells me he has never seen it before and I can't find any post on the subject. I have already had the problem fixed which required a new cam, rockers and several other misc. parts. So I am more curious than anything plus I thought I would share this with all of you for informational purposes. Thanks Craig

Polaris Reply #1

Thank you for contacting Polaris Industries with this information. We do apologize that you experienced this issue.

Your dealer will need to contact their dealer services to find what if there have been other issues like the one you experienced. Here in consumer services we do not have technical information regarding the machines. We will document you comments and concerns for future reference.

Consumer Services
Polaris Industries, Inc.

Question: I don’t understand why you can’t simply forward my question on to the proper department. I am not asking for Polaris to pay for the repair I am simply bringing an issue to Polaris Industries attention, one that seems very rare. I have been a Polaris fan for many years and have personally steered approx. 30 people to purchase Polaris ATV’s over other brands (no kidding). I don’t want to go through my dealer on this, I want to deal directly with Polaris, I don’t think that is too much to ask. You know Honda makes a pretty good Machine as well.

Polaris Reply #2

Thank you for contacting Polaris Industries.

The reason we referred you to your dealer is because they have the contact with the correct department. Where here in consumer services we do not. This would be a technical issue and our technical information is only available at our dealers. We did state we will document your information and concerns.

Again thank you for contacting.

Consumer Services
Polaris Industries, Inc.
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