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It's really upsetting that we spend $12,000 dollars on a machine and we have to resort to a milk crate on the back for storage!
Yes isnt it! And to add insult to injury, I got one of those flashy mailers from Polaris last week with "exciting" new products and there, lo and behold, was a rear cargo box for the 2017 1000XP Touring. It was of course, HUGE, WAY over priced and probably over-engineered. But, holding out hope, I plugged the product number into the Parts & Accessories area of their website and......wait for it......"Product Not Found." Thanks again Polaris.

So...we're back to my Hillbilly Cargo Box Solution. Look it up on here. Total cost: Less than 10 bucks.
Oh really? Can you PM me that part number? Thanks
No, sorry. When I got that error message on the Polaris website, I tore the pamphlet up and threw it in the garbage.

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