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Originally Posted by Broncman View Post
I may have posted this earlier in the wrong section so here it goes.... I have a 2017 Sportsman 1000 & am sick of the 82mph speed limiter. I see RVS deletes the speed limiter & before I drop the money for a programmer I was wondering if any of you have one already & what kind of top speed you are getting... I am planning on the intake & exhaust mod along with the RVS 92 octane tune... The 82mph speed limiter is BS!.. I bought a 1000 to use it to it's full potential, not be limited... Thank you all in advance!..

What type of exhaust are planning on? I have been thinking about adding the RLWC dual exhaust on my bike, but can't find any good info on how much power it will add. Most of the info I found is just about the sound of the exhaust.

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