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Originally Posted by wkeggenhoff View Post
Do you guys find the bikes twitchy at those speeds on asphalt. Mine is squirelly. Wish i had less assist on the power steering at higher speeds so you get more road feel. Like the yamaha does, faster you you go less assist you need
maybe thinking of playing around with tire pressures a bit or front tire alignment ? Maybe more toe out ?
New tires made all the difference for me.
I did not feel safe at high speed with stock tires.
New tires... I FLY!!!!

no adjustments needed.

Traxion Max ICE Gripper MAX (studded all terrain)
these studded tires climb everything. I love climbing logs and slippery rocks
also have 2 inch wheel spacers on each tire. 4 inches wider overall. fender flares!

2015 Sportsman XP 1000 PPCamo
3x 100W HID light kits - Wireless Winch
RAM Camera Mount from gpscity.ca
Tigertail from FortNine.ca
2 inch lift - 4 inch spacer kit - Fender Flares
Heated Seat kit & Camo seat skin
Heated Hand & Thumb Kit - 12" Cree light bar
Cecco Frame Braces - AMSOIL Front Drive Fluid
Dalton Clutch kit - Triangle ATV Stealth Snorkel
29" Traxion ICE Gripper MAX Studded Tires
In progress ... reverse lights, turn signals and horn
Wish list.... HMF exhaust / re-flash

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