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Originally Posted by rutcutter View Post
On the last two rides of my 2018 1000 XP I have been noticing when decelerating the check engine comes on and it feels like a loss of power. It returns to normal as soon as you re apply the throttle. I plan on taking it to the dealer in the morning, just thought I would throw it out here to see if anyone had any ideas as to what's going on. The quad has 207 miles on it.

Edited to add:

Today I took it for a ride and was able to retrieve a code 31 520275. It has something to do with braking and throttle at the same time. I really don't know if am doing that or not. My next ride I will pay attention and report back.
I did the same thing for quite a while. Took it to the dealer 114 codes for code 31. You are touching the break and throttle at the same time. I am an old dirt biker, cannot break myself from old habits.
I disconnect the break switch and installed a horn switch to get it started. Push the button and turn the key. No more brake lights but I don't follow myself around so it does not bother me.

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