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Originally Posted by rutcutter View Post
On the last two rides of my 2018 1000 XP I have been noticing when decelerating the check engine comes on and it feels like a loss of power. It returns to normal as soon as you re apply the throttle. I plan on taking it to the dealer in the morning, just thought I would throw it out here to see if anyone had any ideas as to what's going on. The quad has 207 miles on it.

Edited to add:

Today I took it for a ride and was able to retrieve a code 31 520275. It has something to do with braking and throttle at the same time. I really don't know if am doing that or not. My next ride I will pay attention and report back.
I have some experience with that: The Check Engine light came on continously in my 2017 850Sp Touring. In going thru all the BS with that with the dealer, the mechanic told me that sometimes it will do that upon deceleration-something to do with the drive belt slipping and tripping the sensor, which throws the code. I'm pretty sure its an adjustment they can do to correct it.

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