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I hate to hear this. I'm a long time Partzilla customer and regularly recommend them on the forum. I understand that they, as most all others, have a "no returns" policy on all electrical parts but it seems you could get some relief given the situation and that the part couldn't possibly have been hooked up since its impossible on your machine.

Hmm, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I just looked at Partzilla's return policy and it clearly states TWICE that OEM electrical parts can't be returned under any circumstances.
Given that its clearly stated, not once but twice, on their web page I doubt you're gonna be successful unless you can get hold of someone that will listen to your whole story at Partzilla.
You may just have to try to sell it on ebay or something.
I'd have never bought a new one anyway but Powersports Nation has full warranty and no questions asked free postage paid returns on all their used electrical parts. If they have one that will work it'll be MUCH cheaper than a new one too. That may be something for you to consider?
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