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Originally Posted by rusherjim View Post
Thanks to bp405 for informing me about this thread.

I bought my 2011 Sportsman 850 Touring EPS used, private. If the seller knew about the problem, he didn't disclose it. I'm pretty sure he knew, though, because there was a LOT of oil in there, and it had been there for a long time. Discovered when I decided to check/change the air filter. My opinion of the private seller is, of course, deflated considerably. Had been considering buying some other things from him, but now won't, of course.

I've been through nearly all the thread -- my gut feel is that doing the replacement kit with 2012 parts probably is the best path to follow.

I'm really not a wrench-turner at all. Near-zero experience with ATVs, not much more experience with cars, especially since they all went electronic and sealed bearings. Plus, old enough to have pain problem and other problems. I can do some, minimal stuff...but if it requires work under the vehicle, leaning over it for any periods, and/or using my hands a lot -- then I can only do it for a short while, after which I'll be laid up for several days recovering. (Yeah, it sucks major gas...but it's better than the alternatives.)
  • My question to any/all: Am I better off to just let the dealer do it? Or is this simple enough for a novice atv mechanic-wannabee with physical disabilities to do correctly and without torturing self?
  • I need to take the vehicle in to have the transmission looked at anyway--shifting gears is HARD. Requires lots of pull/push. I tried a buddy's 570, and his shifted like butter. I am definitely not confident/competent/healthy enough to start messing with gears, linkages and belts, etc.
  • So, if I'm taking in anyway for the gear shifting problem, would it be better to just let the dealer do the breather fix, too?

All opinions pro and con appreciated.

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