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570 SP Digital Display Issues

Has anyone else ever noticed or has an issue with their digital display flashing on after the bike is off? I was out riding last night and stopping often enough when i noticed the 3 buttons under the display (up menu down) would flash on, either in red or blue every so often, say every 5 minutes. My bikes never been swamped, it is worth saying that my battery has been a piece of crap since day one, wont turn the bike over sometimes so i have to turn the key off and retry. This year has been alot worst than before so i guess im looking into new battery as well. Friday night it gave me a really hard time to start eventually got it going tho, then saturday night when i was climbing a snowy hill i had the tires spinning to make it up the hill, once i got to the top it just died out of nowhere, i was still on the throttle when it quit. Started right back up but it seems like theres some ghosts with this bike. Then once we got to our destination thats when i discovered the lights and it did it for the next 3 stops.

Im no longer in warranty so dealer diagnose isnt ideal however if i have to i will.

Thanks guys!
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