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2011 Foreman 500 carb and manual shift with 11,000 miles. Replaced a few wheel bearings especially the left rear. That one seems to go every couple years on the newer Hondas when ridden in really tough terrain like my crew does. Its out in the end of the axle tube and I suspect grass gets wrapped in there and cuts the seal letting water in.
Front shock bearings, ball joints and arm bushings at about 6-7,000 will get a little slack. The shock bearings are overly complicated and expensive.

2012 Foreman 500 EFI electric shift with 14,000 miles. Same deal with rear bearings. That one is mono-shock and had swingarm bearings go bad too. Same deal with the front end as the 2011. It also had the early style fuel filter which clogged up at around 4,000 but no more issues since changed over to newer style filter from Honda. EPS quit at around 8,000 and required a new control unit... OUCH!! About $450 from Honda but I found good used from PSN.

2016 Foreman 500 EFI IRS with only around 500 miles. No problems so far.

All the Honda machines with drum rear brake essentially have NO rear brake after a couple thousand miles and therefore no park brake. The very new ones are disc I think. Time will tell on that.
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