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One front wheel not driven

Hey everybody, Iím new to this forum. Iíve had my 2000 Scramvler 400 4x4 for a year and a half or so now. A while back I was pulling my buddyís RZR out of some mud, and his winch rope ending up getting under my front left wheel and breaking the magnetic hub wires. No big deal, there was enough workable wire left to repair it. I got it fixed up and all was well until a couple weekends ago when a stick got in there and broke it again. I wasnít able to repair the wires this time. I ordered a OEM hub coil. I just got done replacing it. I followed service manual procedures, set the tolerance of the ring that goes around the coil to 2-3 thou, and put it back together. I tried to test it out though and that wheel still wonít spin in 4x4. Besides the coil being a dud out of the box, what else could be the issue? Thanks for your time everybody.

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