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'04 sportsman 600 twin idle & trottle dies

Hey all. New to the site. I have a 01 Polaris 500, but I am helping a buddy with his '04 600 twin. Bought it at auction from an owner we knew. knew it was rolled and had some things fixed. But the darn thing seems temperamental. On cold startup it will idle ok with choke but when you give it gas, it bogs down and wants to die. It will run ok with the choke on. It does this until it is warmed up. It can take several minutes for this, even during 60* day. Once it is warmed up, it seems to run fine.

I took the cab off and cleaned. Drained gas tank and put new fresh gas in. checked air filter, air box, snorkel. Replaced both plugs. I checked the intake manifold, cant seem to see any leaks. What should the air/fuel needle be set to? What about float measurement?

Any ideas? I read that this particular model has some ignition issues, but I wouldn't think it would be the issue since it runs fine after warm up. Thanks for the help.
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