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16 Sportsman 450 Stalling

Please help dealer cant seem to duplicate problem and I cant get it fixed.

I use my 2016 Polaris sportsman 450 for mowing and tow behind an independent mower which simply hitches to atv no battery hook up or anything.

In doing so I have to go slow I would guess around 3mph. I believe the atv idels at 1200-1250 and when pulling the mower I am around 2500-3000k rpm on flat ground as its a big wide open field. my issue is after about 45 mins of pulling this mower the atv will begin to stall and I must restart twice everytime to get it back on and it keeps happening more and more as I go on. So after 45 mins it will stall every 5 mins then 4 mins then 3 and so on till you can hardly ride any longer.

Now this mower is only 150lbs wet. Also this atv has no issues other then when I am going slow pulling my mower. No check engine lights or codes flash when stalling. Please help. Just bought the thing and still under warranty for another few weeks so need to resolve asap or simply demand my money back as mowing is the main reason I purchased.

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