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Originally Posted by latebird View Post
You can put oil in your cooling system and it will cool, but it may not cool well. You can put pure water in the cooling system and it will cool better than oil, but the inside of the engine will corrode and start to run hot. You can put alcohol in the cooling system and it will cool excellently until it evaporates and the engine overheats.

You can put whatever coolant in that you want to, but automotive coolants are made for automotive products. Polaris specifies a 60/40 mix of coolant and water. I use Polaris coolant in my Polaris and Honda coolant in my Honda dirt bike. I use Prestone, Peak or whatever is on sale at Walmart, Tractor Supply, Menard's, Farm & Fleet, Big R's etc. for my cars and trucks, but I don't mix brands - either I am doing a flush and drain or just adding to - I keep a premixed bottle in the vehicle for maintenance and just put in distilled water in an emergency.

What I'm saying is you can use any coolant your little heart desires. Some may cool better than others, some are cheaper than others and some may cause damage to aluminum engines. I prefer coolant that is mixed with deionized water to prevent electrolysis between dis-similar metals in the cooling system - couple bucks a gallon at Advanced Auto Parts and a coolant that is a low or no silica formula to prevent damage to the water pump seal. Automotive products require silica to condition the seal - ATV product seals may be damaged by silica.

I understand Your point And thanks For all that info ! I really appreciated

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