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The foot brake for the rear is separate. It has its own MC and operates on one side of the caliper stepped piston while the hand brake works on the other side of the piston.
The footbrake is not separate. If you bleed the front brakes and rear needs bleeding or vice versa you won't have any brakes. They push against one another. Like you said the rear pedal pushes on one side of the caliper and the front lever pushes on the other side. Goofy ass system IMO. Yes, if the whole system is operating correctly you can use the rear pedal to lock up the rear wheel and not the front.
No, they don't push against each other. They are separate. Not the greatest system in the world I agree. The foot MC has its own reservoir and separate bleeder and acts on only one step of the piston while the hand lever MC acts only on the other step of the piston. If you use them together you're putting pressure on BOTH stepped sections of the piston. There are two separate bleeders for each system. If the foot and hand lever push against each other the piston seals are bypassing/leaking fluid past them from one section to the other and the caliper needs rebuilt.
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