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Originally Posted by latebird View Post
The rear caliper has one piston that is stepped - both the hand lever and foot pedal apply pressure to the same piston. If you want to separate the brakes operators, you have to disconnect the line that goes to the front MC and cap it at the junction block - you then need to get a special line line that has a Y fitting on the caliper end so both piston chambers can be connected to the rear MC or find a conventional caliper that will replace the stepped piston design. Viola, problem solved!
I guess I was wrong about one side or the other pushing. I didn't look close enough at it, but the principle is the same. What you said sounds like a good work around. Don't you think it would also work if you just plugged one of the line ports? It's still pushing with the same amount of force as if you were just pushing on the rear brake pedal. Seems like it should, but I don't know. Might have to find out... We'll see.

Originally Posted by polman500 View Post
No, they don't push against each other. They are separate. Not the greatest system in the world I agree. The foot MC has its own reservoir and separate bleeder and acts on only one step of the piston while the hand lever MC acts only on the other step of the piston. If you use them together you're putting pressure on BOTH stepped sections of the piston. There are two separate bleeders for each system. If the foot and hand lever push against each other the piston seals are bypassing/leaking fluid past them from one section to the other and the caliper needs rebuilt.
That makes sense and might be one of my issues. One of the bleeders was broken off and I didn't notice it until I threw more than a few curse words at it. I've never seen a caliper that has two bleeders. That's when I dug into my service manual to see what made the system tick. Right now I don't have brakes until I apply both the lever and foot brake. I'd say you might be right about the caliper seal. I'm going to replace the broken bleeder and try bleeding that side and see what happens.
Now that I'm thinking about it though, I think the service manual did say they pushed against each other. I'll have to see where I read that. Not saying I don't believe you guys.

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