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Bleed the MC first - remove the line, depress the pedal, hold your finger over the line port and release the pedal - usually within 5 pumps, the MC will build enough pressure that you cannot prevent fluid from coming out of the port with finger pressure - at this point, push and hold the pedal - attach the line securely before letting off the MC - remove the caliper and brake pads - holding the caliper so the line fitting is at it's apex, use a c-clamp to push the piston fully into the caliper - brake fluid and air will be expelled into the MC reservoir, leave the c-clamp in place - if the fluid is discolored, sop it out with shop rags or paper towels - fill the reservoir with clean fluid from an unopened (or recently opened) container - pump the brakes to assess the pressure applied to the caliper - if adequate pressure is being applied, the rubber line and c-clamp will flex and relax each time the MC is pumped - if necessary, push and hold the brake pedal, while holding pressure on the system, crack the line fitting at the MC to release any trapped air - if necessary release, re-push and hold the brake pedal again - crack open the bleed screw to release any trapped air - the brakes are now bled - fill the MC reservoir to the upper mark and cap the reservoir - remove the c-clamp from the caliper - to assure all air has been expelled, pump the caliper piston out about 1/2 to 3/4 inch - again holding the caliper with the line fitting at the apex, push the piston back in - install the pads, install the caliper, pump the brakes until the brake pads contact the rotor and you have acceptable pressure on the system. NOTE: do not top off the fluid reservoir - the fluid level becomes an indicator of pad wear - when the pads need replacement, the level in the reservoir will be very low - pressing the caliper piston in to install new pads will restore the fluid level - if the reservoir is topped off between brake pad changes, the reservoir will be overfull when the piston is depressed into the caliper and excess fluid will have to be removed to allow the piston to be fully depressed.

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