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Originally Posted by rutcutter View Post
By hard I mean, I am standing on the pegs at racing speed most of the time no matter what the terrain. As an ex desert racer old habits are hard to break

I was setting up a poker run a couple of weeks backs, the route ran past a dairy. They had a scale there to weigh the milk trucks. I drove across them with my fully loaded 1000. To my surprise they said I was at 1380#s. 200 of that is me. The power of these machines mask all that weight. I could slow down and save a little wear and tear but like a said old habits are hard to break
Yeah, that's hard. To each his own; the machines are to be enjoyed. But I dont think they're designed for that kind of abuse (I dont mean that offensively). But as long as you are willing to pay the price, go for it.

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