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Start checking wiring - power goes from the battery to the key switch via the red wire - when the switch is on power goes from the red wire to the red/black wire - the red black wire goes to the #1 plug on the handlebar switch - when the switch is on, the red/white wire is hot on the #2 plug of the handlebar switch - the red/white wire goes to a splice at the accessory plug and split into two other leads - one goes back to the #1 plug on the handlebar switch for the start button (when the start button is pressed, the white/red wire is hot and goes to the starter solenoid) - from the accessory plug to another splice where it splits into two more leads - one goes to the front brake light switch where it again splits - goes to the neutral and temp lights - the other wire goes to the tail light, splits and goes to the rear brake light switch, splits and goes to the CDI unit

I'll bet the plug at the LH handlebar switch that has the red/black wire has a poor contact and is the cause of the loss of all power
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