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This is a real issue with me. We have two 2015 570 Sportsman EPS's, and I have a lot of opinions about the battery placement. First, the OEM battery has cells that must maintain their fluid levels. They aren't clear enough to shine a light on one side and see the electrolyte level on the other side. You probably need to remove the battery twice per year (always remove the negative cables first), pop off the caps and put a little bit of distilled water in the cells. Don't overfill them. Both of ours went dead (different times) after I washed them down. They weren't particularly hot at the time. I'll never figure that one out. When you pull off the "S" hook with rubber strap, I suggest doubling over a 2 foot piece of 1/4" rope over the end of that "S" hook, and just let it hang. Cut it off a few inches below your chassis. This makes it much easier to remove and reinstall batteries. I bought two sealed Yuasa 14Ah batteries to replace the OEM batteries. One died not long after installation. Turns out, IMO, that the batteries are WAY too close to the exhaust pipe. I brought an infared temperature monitor on a couple of rides, and consistently measure 185 degF on both 2015's and a 2017 on the cell closest to the exhaust pipe. This exceed's Yuasa's maximum operating temperature spec by 45 degF. When one of the Yuasa batteries also died, I pried open the sealed lids, and the problem cell was the hot one. Bottom line--I think Polaris did a poor job of heat shielding in 2015, and you may want to shield your battery from that exhaust area.
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