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starter crankcase bushing destroyed

here is some pics of my 2007 polaris Trail Boss 330 starter crankcase bushing destroyed, and the pieces are stuck to the pick up coil ( I think it's called) you can also see where the gear was grinding into the casing

I corrected one problem a few days ago (no start condition) and yet another appears.The engine acted like it was hard to turn over today

I have been having a grinding noise coming from the recoil housing, when trying to start the polaris. I removed the recoil housing to discover the bendix was hanging up and not retracting off the fly wheel ring gear. I removed the bendix to inspect it, and discovered this other issue, a destroyed starter crankcase bushing

I think the bendix spring has been weaken from the binding and now will not snap back in place quickly. I will replace it, however the bushing is another issue
What is the best way to remove this bushing and will it be easy to find another bushing for replacement>
thanks for your time
[IMG]The engine acted like it was hard to turn over today[/IMG]

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