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I'm 14 years old and before least spring I hadn't changed struts in a Polaris before in my life and all went well. Unfortunately to do it your going to have to remove all of the front bumper and rack, electrical cover and loosen the fenders near the floor boards and remove the bolts for the fender around the rad, then I used a stick to bend the fender up so I could get my ratchet on the top but of the shock assembly I then loosened those nuts and began disassembling the spring/shock assembly and removing it from the McPherson strut while the ATV was jacked up but beware that when you take off the top bolt for the shock assembly the a arm will drop down and my jack was set t9 high for one side and the bearing fell out inside the CV boot and that's a pain in the ass and costs an extra $25 so make sure to only jack up your ATV enough so the springs don't have any weight on them but the tires are touching the ground. It took me about 6 hours alone only because the bearings fell out and I had to find out what order to put the hub together.
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