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I just got my 1000 and to be honest performance wise I was really disappointed I would give 3 out 5 for performance, revving up speed is probly the slowest engine ever feels like Harley engine, response is not very impressive, and sluggish, barely spins the wheels, no way this thing puts 50 hp at the wheels,

I traded my yz450f 2013 dirt bike and Raptor 2010 60+hp, and knew the scrambler would not compare but people told me the renegade and scrambler eats those things like fuck all

now I figured why, 800 pound 4x4 and higher top speed plus no shifting makes the bike pull faster, but performance wise its not even 1/2 there, on asphalt from 0 - 120 or 140 which my 2 bike would hit the scrambler or renegade would never come close, I couldn't even keep the front down on those till 4 gear

everything else is awesome about the bike but jessus that thing is sluggish, tractor engine?

wish they would have put high compression piston 91 oct only, and made the counter balance shaft and crank a lot lighter to increase speed up time of the engine who cares about side torque and small vibration seriously its a scrambler? ain't it suppose to be a mix of sport quad and 4x4 seems more like 4x4 trying to look sporty

plus fake dual exhaust, bummed out when I saw that

also very short powerband wise 7250 rpm seems to be rev limiter? a 15 000$ bike and can't put decent valve spring and cams and make a wide powerband of atleast 8000 rpm? not a biggy but makes the bike dull

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