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On Paper: Sportsman 1000 vs Outlander 1000 XT

sales literature at its best I suppose. Look at the source...if Ford put out a comparison vs Ram or Chevy do you think it would list anything the other was better at? Of course not. I mean c'mon...14 inch wheels are better than 12??? No way, now how are they better for aggressive riding in rough terrain. I cant stand my 14 inch wheels and if it was possible, they would be replaced with 12's in a second.

The Outlander does not have separate brakes..the rene does. Only way to determine which is "better" for you is to ride both for yourself. I have ridden my buddy's 1000xxc and I have a 2014 850, so not apples to apples as I havent ridden a Polaris 1000 yet...but both brands have their plusses and minuses

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