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Mine have been great so far. I have around 700 miles on them and the tread wear is great. We ride the roads around my place to get to a few riding spots, the fronts look almost untouched and the rears just have a little rounding on the lugs...I can get a few pics if you want.

My style of riding Is high speed trail riding on mostly hard pack and some sand, and I have to say these things work awesome. The ride at slow speeds is a little choppy which I found odd, but it could also be because of the reasons in the next paragraph. It almost feels like one of them is out of round.

The bad part is my first set which was ordered through simpletire.com were defective. 3 of the 4 wouldn't hold air for more than a week and they felt out of round, almost like a flat spot. But with that said, their customer service is top notch. I filled out the online warranty card on a Tuesday and had a full new set at my door that same Friday after a few emails back and fourth.

I still haven't gotten the new ones mounted yet, but hopefully they are not choppy and hold air for more than a week.

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