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FPD218 05-07-2019 07:24 PM

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Got pictures today of the custom made front and rear bumpers for my new 2019 850 SP Premium from John @ ATV-GURU. I need a front bumper with a 2" receiver built in for my ice fishing gear setup. Notice the tie down loops also on both bumpers. Getting sand blasted and powder coated tomorrow and shipping them to me on Thursday. I'll get pictures posted when I get them mounted up early next week. They look AWESOME!

The stock factory brush guards just wouldn't do.......

FPD218 05-07-2019 07:51 PM

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More pictures.......

FPD218 05-07-2019 07:57 PM

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Sandblasted and primer applied.

FPD218 05-07-2019 08:01 PM

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Black powder coat applied.....

dslanec 05-07-2019 08:03 PM

Pretty sweet setup!

FPD218 05-07-2019 08:07 PM

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Finished and ready to ship, can't wait to get them mounted up!!!

FPD218 05-08-2019 03:39 AM

My old setup that I used....needed to get a bumper with the receiver for new 2019.

I use that receiver for many different applications.

John fixed me up!https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/201...3114930176.jpg

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phil 05-08-2019 03:53 AM

Very nice. John is a talented fabricator.
I have his "bumpers" from 2010 (installed on my 550XP and moved to my '15 850). Very good looking and servicable.

chuckm 05-08-2019 04:20 AM

Wow, that BUMPER looks awesome. Iím going to go check out his website and see what he has for my Razor. That looks like it belongs on the front of a dump truck, AWESOME.

Woodland 05-08-2019 06:34 AM

What do these bumpers weigh?
They DO look beefy!

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