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My thoughts on the 570 after one year of ownership

I just want to write a little about my personal impressions of the 2015 Polaris Sportsman 570 Indy Red Base Model after approx 500 miles and one year of ownership. My riding style is what I would call basic beginner to moderate trail riding on the desert trails of Idaho’s Owyhee Front and the forested logging roads and trails of Idaho’s forested lands. I am not into the mudding scene or rock crawling, and any water I have been in has been well below the floorboards. I have been in some snow and this machine has done better than my previous machines in the snow, but even so there comes a point when I just can’t go any further and have turn around. Overall the machine has served me well and is a very smooth and comfortable ride.

Floorboards- The floorboards are very large and roomy, and would probably accommodate even Sasquatch. It’s nice to be able to adjust my foot position, if even a little bit, both forward or rearward and side to side while cruising down the trail.

Rear Rack- I would much prefer a frame mounted steel tube rack, but it is what it is.

Fuel Capacity- At 4.5 gallons, the fuel tank holds more than enough gas for most of my general day rides. I have not calculated the fuel economy, i.e. MPG, but I have spent several hours in a day riding trails and have never returned to camp with less than a ¼ tank remaining. There are too many variables in riding speed, terrain type, etc. to accurately calculate, but I have yet to run out of gas.

Seat and Seating Height Comfort- For me, the seat comfort is satisfactory and I have not had any discomfort while riding. Not quite as nice as the seat on my previous Arctic Cat 366, but much better than on my previous Honda Rancher. Again, an all day ride on the seat of my 570 is not discomforting. As for seating height, I am 6’ tall and the seating position is perfect for me. One of the complaints I have read about the seat is the way the seat snaps onto the machine. Quite honestly it is a cheap set up compared to the actual steel latching system on other machines. But for me it has been so far, so good. I do worry a little about the seat coming loose and blowing off the machine while transporting, but that has not happened yet. If I am transporting a short distance I don’t worry too much, but on longer distances I throw a strap over it and gently cinch it down. It would suck to transport my machine down the highway for 4 hours only to find on arrival that my seat was gone.

Overall Ride Comfort(Suspension)- I am not a suspension expert. All I can tell you is that I was able to take a friend’s Polaris Sportsman for about a 20 minute ride one afternoon, and I also was given a ride on another Sportsman as a passenger when my AC broke down, and in both cases I was absolutely SOLD on the ride. In fact, the ride of the Sportsman was what first piqued my interest in buying one of these machines. At my age I am not a speed demon(actually I have never been a speed demon), but I am able to navigate the same trails on my 570 at a higher rate of speed than I could with my previously mentioned machines, with much more ease, comfort and handling.

Power- Quite honestly, my 570 has more power than I really need for my type of trail riding. But it’s there if I ever need or want it. I would much rather be over powered than under powered. Where I really like the power the most is in my minimal snow plowing use. I can really tell the difference from my previous machines. Glad I chose the 570.

Storage- Both the front and rear storage compartments were not big selling points for me, but after having and using them I don’t know how I could live without them. They are really a very nice feature.

Fit and Finish- Not the best. But for the price point, I’ll take it. I could have easily spent $2,500+ more for comparably equipped machines in other brands that have a better fit & finish, but I don’t think that it is necessary. My 570 is just fine and $2,500 is a lot of gas money.

Controls- I find all of the controls to be in their proper places and work just fine. Personally I like the analog speedometer, and the single lever braking. I also prefer the shifter to be on the right side, as it pretty much forces me to remove my hand from the accelerator area when the need arises to shift the gear selector. The spacing and height of the handlebars are perfect for me and makes it easy to control the machine. Everything else is in perfect reach.

OEM Tires- Not the best for punctures in my opinion. I had a puncture in one of the tires only a few weeks after owning the machine on the same trail I have ridden for years. I never had a puncture from the tires on my other machines, ever. But with that said, I have never lost traction or had any type of slip issues with the 570 OEM tires. I’m too cheap to go out and replace the tires right now, would just rather just run ‘em out before doing that.

Battery Placement- This has been a big question/comment from people, including myself. When first realizing where the battery is located, it is understandable to ask about it. It just seems like a strange place to put the battery with fears of damage occurring while riding down the trail. Personally, I have not had any trouble with the battery location. My only complaint is it is a pain in the arse to access, but quite honestly, how often does it need to be accessed? It’s really no big deal.

Compression/Engine Braking(?)- It’s one of the features that is not available on my base model, and I sure do miss it. My previous machines had it(or at least something similar) and it sure does make a difference when descending a hill. It sure is hell on my brakes by not having it. Had I known that my base model didn’t have it, I may have just jumped up a model for that feature alone. Of course, maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about. When descending a hill and I remove my thumb from the throttle, once the RPM’s drop down to next to nothing, it’s like it kicks into neutral and I have to use my brakes heavily, or bump the throttle a bit to increase RPM’s which in turn slows the machine down for a second, then repeat the process until I have reached the bottom of the hill. Anyway, it’s something to consider.

Hot Leg- Yes, my right leg gets pretty hot, especially in Low gear. But I can live with it. No melting plastic as some other owners have written about.

Lighting- Headlights work great for my needs, no complaints.

Reliability- Well, with only one year and 500 miles of ownership, that remains to be known. At this point I would have to say it is good. I had one instance where the machine shut off and threw a code and not being able to duplicate the problem, or the code, the problem seemed to resolve itself. Otherwise this machine has been trouble free.

Overall- For the money it’s surely the best value in an ATV.
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Great review. This is a honest a reliable review in my opinion. You have described the machine to a tee and your riding habits prove the machines worthyness and reliability to this point in time. You have also demonstrated the ability to addapt to the machines design, which IMO is important (some just bitch and moan about).

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Maxxis big horn 2.0 26x9 front
Maxxis big horn 2.0 26x11 rear
QSC clutch kit
EPI HD springs front n rear
ODI rogue 130mm grips
Ultraseal commercial grade tire sealant (front)
Highlifter tire sealant (rear)
CTEK 3300 battery maintainer
added 7 zerks
beefed up wiring harness
OGIO rear bag
ROTOPAX 1gal. + 2gal. gasoline can
Jccapri bushing kit
Kolpin Over Fenders
Rigid Industries E-Series 10" flood
Walker Evans struts
NGK Iridium's (2,500 miles on Champion's and they looked great!)
Odyssey Extreme battery PC545

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Thank you for the review.

Josh "FUSE"

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Nice review, a good all around machine.
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Yes a good review and pretty much mirrors my experience after a year and a half and a bit more milage. I had decided, for the money i felt comfortable spending, i could get a "nude" 850 or a fully dressed 570.

And have been very happy with my choice of the 570. All the power i ever need. Seems very stable and ..... comfortable.

And really like the Engine Braking except as you say when the rpms drop and the engine braking stops. Particularly troublesome on a steep hill with ice and snow . But have learned to adapt and just keep a little throttle on.

The only issue i have that you did not mention, and a relatively minor one, is i find the bike a little light, compared to others i have driven, in the front end. Have not had any untoward experiences but have learned to be very careful on steep rough hills esp. where there is a sharp turn as it does not answer the helm as well as i would like. Seldom drive double but when i do i am very cautious.

I have what we refer to here as a farmers jack. Weighs about 30 lbs. Thinking of mounting it on my front bumper to hold the front down a little bit. I have the heavy duty springs for plowing so think it would do no harm out front.

But yes I am impressed with my 570.

570 Camo
Passenger seat / storage
Throttle extender
8 ply Bear claw tires
Polaris 2,500 lb. winch
Heavy duty front springs
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Sounds like you like your new machine.
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Yes i really like my new machine.

Not as hard on it as other machines i had when younger. But it gets out all my wood --- maybe 3 cords a year ---some over very rough ground and plows my road and gets me around the back country for hunting and fishing etc. And feel i am travelling in style not much not to like.

570 Camo
Passenger seat / storage
Throttle extender
8 ply Bear claw tires
Polaris 2,500 lb. winch
Heavy duty front springs
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Great review!
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I've never personally rode a Sportsman 570 but I have to say I'd sure consider one. Me and my father-in-law bought new Ranger's at the same time, mine is a 900 and his a 4 seat 570. After driving his I have to say it has one of the smoothest running motors I have ever seen, it has plenty of power as well. It seems kind of loud but I believe it's more from the exhaust than anything. Also, the day I got my Ranger there was a guy buying a new Sportsman 570 after getting rid of a brand new Honda that according to him was the biggest piece of junk he'd ever owned. Just my 2 cent's worth though.
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very well written review.

I will say, you can upgrade your clutch to get the engine breaking that you desire. It may be as simple as just changing out to a one way bearing in the clutch. but I'm not sure. either way, it's something you can look into and may make the machine that much better for you as that seemed to be your only real complaint.

"There are no problems. There are only Solutions. It's your job to find the right one.

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