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Morti1955 06-25-2019 12:27 PM

2007 450 Sportsman oil & filter recommendations
I need to change my engine oil and filter. As for oil I will use a full synthetic ofc, but what viscosity and brand? I have read 5W-50 for temps to -10*F, 10W-50 for 0*F, and 0W-40 as another suggestion. My operating temperature range will be 0*F to appx. 100*F. I live in central NY where this is about average minimum/maximum lows and highs. 2qts of PS4 will not break the bank nor will the oil&filter kit, just need some additional input. Also, I would like advice on some manufacturers and filter numbers. Additionally she is due for a coolant change and I have some leftover HOAT coolant from my Jeep GC. Just wondering if I do a full flush and refill if that is OK. Or just plain old green ethylene glycol. TIA for your advice and recommendations

latebird 06-25-2019 02:50 PM

I live in central IL - it got down to -30 last winter and we got a lot of days near 100 in the summer (supposed to be 90 this weekend) - I use PS4 year round - I use Hi Flo oil filters almost exclusively on my quads and motorcycles - coolant? This is one place I'm picky - I only use coolant that is low or no silicate - since Polaris recommends a 60/40 ratio, I use Polaris coolant in my Polaris, but I use Honda, Maxima Coolanol, Silkolene ProCool or Engine Ice in my other liquid cooled recreational machines. I have Engine Ice in my Honda Shadow VT1100 and Honda Type 2 (it's blue) coolant in my CRF250X - the only difference between Honda type 1 and type 2 is the color - they are compatible and can be mixed without changing the performance.

The HiFlo filter for your machine is an HF303

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