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  • xplorer400lc ·
    I have a 2000 polaris xplorer 400 2 stroke that runs great drives awesome, but it has a solid rear axle and chain drive, and I'm not a big fan of it, I also have a 2002 sportsman 400 4 stroke with a bad motor that is shaft driven and has independent rear suspension, is it possible to put my motor in that frame or the transmission and rear suspension on my machine?
    gscott315 ·
    Was wondering if you could help. I bought my grandson a 2012 50cc Outlaw. I have taken to the dealer twice for the same problem. He will ride for several hours, he will get off to get something to eat but when he gets back on, it will not start. I have taken off the carburetor and cleaned it but when I put it back on the same thing. The engine will turn but it will not fire up. This has happened on several occasions and I am at my wits end. Might you have a repair manual for download or know where to start to fix the little guys four wheeler?
    Ncama18 ·
    Im a newbie and saw your thread for newbies so maybe you can help. 2 days ago i bought a 99' polaris scrambler 500. Worked fine and i rode all day the day i bought it. Next day i went up and down my street once and the chain snapped. I got a new one put it on and now i have no foward. I have reverse but when i put in reverse i lose all tension on the chain but it some how still works. Also the axle feels super lose and you can even see it move side to side. Any help would be great.
    Trod7308 ·
    Hey just picked up an 09 sportsman 400 ho. Think I got a pretty good deal. I scrounged up a warn winch and a moose plow on Craigslist. Both have mounts but both "do not fit" my model. I was wondering if there was a way to make he current mounts I have fit. The warn mount now is a (73680) I need a (85104). Moose mount came off of an 03 sportsman 700. I need a (45010060). Thanks.
    HMAK ·
    Hey - i'm new to the site because i'm trying to find out some info. about a 4wheler my uncle gave me. He doesnt know they year but it's a Polaris Xpress 300 4x2. I found some bumbers on it. 240002. Product # EC280PFE020 3863. Serial # 9854511. By Robin MFG USA INC. I'm trying to find the year & i'm trying to locate a repair and owners manual because it doesn't run. Thanks!
    Slick773 ·
    Looking to fix my pull cord on 01 trailblazer, don't know where to start to look to see what's wrong. It pulls freely but doesn't catch to to start.
    Hogzilla831 ·
    First off i want to let you know i think its awesome for you to put up a post just to help the newbies like myself out..... I am not only new to this forum but i am new to polaris all together. i happened to pick up a 98 scrambler 400 4x4 for next to nothing that needs a little work. The person who owned it before me broke the chain while riding it and it hit the gearcase putting a little hole in it..... my question is are all these gear cases interchangable on the scramblers? if not what years will fit my 98? thank you very much in advance
    Trailblazer96 ·
    Hello... first time on this site, and could really use your help. Lost, yes that is right, I LOST the seat on my 96 Trail Blazer 250. It blew off while being trailered. Could you tell me what other year seats would interchange? I am going to have to do some hunting...

    Thanks so much!!
    chaztrev ·
    Having a problem with my Polaris 2500 winch. Mounted it on a 2013 550 only works with the key off. Key on or started it wont work. Any suggestions?
    jguyer ·
    I am new to the site ...hope I am doing this right! I need to replace the coils in the front hubs of my 2001 325 magnum. I found the "old" part # 4170003 available online for 30 + or - dollars while the "new" part # 2201313 is 95$. Are these parts the same except for the electrical connections. It seems the wires could be very easily spliced and heat shrinked in order to save 60$ per wheel
    turboshelby ·
    Regarding your website, I work for a dealer and would be more than happy to provide you with any service manual you wish. Also, I saw a thread regarding bosch fuel pump replacements, that's something I would love to have a reference for. I can also provide subbed part numbers for any part, and a few interchangeables that aren't listed.
    jacobs2185 ·
    Hi Blueline15. I have a 2009 Polaris xp 550 and am having a problem with a particular ground wire that comes off the battery then off from where it is bolted to chassis where the back of the seat would go. From there, another ground wire goes to the yellow blue and red above the drivers side back wheel and then i cannot figure out where this one particular wire goes. It's very long and says #6 on it, but I don't remember taking it off when I had to remove the transmission, and I would like to know if you might know where it would go?
    mbarr ·
    Hello blueline I have a 2002 700 polaris sportsman and I need to know the manufacture date to order parts...vin # 4XACH68C12A542851 if you can help it would be greatly appreciated...thanks ...Murray
    chezzbuck ·
    Hey blueline15...i was wondering if you knew if i could put a 500 engine in my 600 twin...will it fit is the question...its an 04
    jimmykicksasses ·
    this is my first atv. i have a 92 polaris 250 trail boss. it was running ok except you had to feather it to keep it from dieing. i pulled the carb soaked it and installed the new kit but i cant get it to run again. i dont know what the needle depth is supposed to be at. ive replaced the coil,plug,air filter and housing,rubber boot between carb and air housing. im lost any help would be greatly appreciated
    melissaphelps ·
    I have a 1994 polaris i'm not sure what kind of polaris it is I know it is a 300 thats been board to a 350 I would like to know if you could help me find out what kind it is the numbers i found are W948130 and the other number i found is 2284939 your help would be great!!1
    Scro ·
    Hello Blueline15. I have been lurking for a few weeks. ;). I just got an older Predator from a long time friend. I am fixing it up for my two boys. We have it running pretty good WOOT! WOOT!. For the life of us we cant find the make and model to determine what year it is and also to find the right parts. I was hoping you would help us?
    Rf3ka05c44t006752 is the VIN number. The only number I can find on the ATV.
    I am trying to locate and order a breather tube or snorkel kit? As well as a steering bushing. I am afraid to order anything without knowing the exact year and model.
    I appreciate any help you can provide and are happy to post this in public forum if thats the right thing to do. Again - Thank you Thank you Thank you for any assistance you can provide.
    dawn ·
    Please help with info on trail boss 250 , have two numbers need to Vin info. W958527 ,2536058. Don't know which it is
    vermontgirl77 ·
    I need to take off the starter on my 1998 Polaris Xplorer 300 but do not know where it is located, and what I need to do. Can you provide me with a diagram of its location and maybe some possible steps?
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