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  1. How many carry handguns when riding???

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    That's exactly why I have my CCW. (my wife as well) We never set foot outside the house without our firearms. Funny how folks don't even know that they are much safer when we are with them. (y)
  2. Does anyone have a 570 with NO problems?

    ATV General Discussion
    Yes, that picture was taken in Moab, Utah. Absolutely awesome place to ride. As for the battery placement, it is actually a perfect place for it. It helps to keep the weight up front and down low, right where you want it. Great for machine stability. How often does a person need to access the...
  3. Does anyone have a 570 with NO problems?

    ATV General Discussion
    We have a pair of 2015 570 Tourings. Replaced the speed sensor on mine. Other than that, they have been absolutely trouble free.
  4. Financing

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    Didn't mean to come across as an a$$, but fixing your credit is much more important than buying a new toy. Been there, done that years ago. I hate when I see others making the same mistake. A good credit score will help you out in life way more than many realize. Get that in line and you will be...
  5. Financing

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    Makes 150-200k a year and only has a 700 score? Good luck. Just borrow the money from him. Better yet, use your $2,500 and pay off all your collections before going further into debt.
  6. How many carry handguns when riding???

    ATV General Discussion
    Not a big fan of open carry, but I don't care if others do. I prefer to not have to worry about the no firearms allowed signs, or make a target of myself. Schools and government buildings are the only places where firearms are not permitted. (here anyway) Everywhere else, if properly concealed...
  7. How many carry handguns when riding???

    ATV General Discussion
    I carry my G20 when out riding and/or camping. A little big for conceal/carry, so for that I have my G43X and M&P Shield.
  8. Seriously???

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    Had to clear about 5" of snow off the truck yesterday morning. Round two is blowing through today and tomorrow. Had about 2" on the truck again this morning, and coming down pretty good. Looking to get up to 12" more before it's over. I liked Saturday's 76 degrees much better. :grin Guess I...
  9. Seriously???

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    While that would seem like a good idea on some forums, this forum has a history that tells me that would be a BAD idea. Better to just keep it focused on one common interest. I have seen politics destroy more than one atv forum in the past.
  10. Not Quite Right

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    Pulled up beside this at a stoplight on my way to work last week. Pretty sure this is NOT the proper way to secure your atv while trailering down the highway. Some folks just have a serious lack of brain power. (or just zero common sense) Actually, seeing stuff like this really pisses me off...
  11. Best tires for soft deep snow?

    ATV General Discussion
    Yep, that's John. He kinda hates that picture. LOL I rode through after the RZR (on tracks) pulled him out. The Bearclaws and BH's are very similar in the snow in terms of forward bite. The HTR will bite and pull you out of ruts and hold you much better on a side hill where the BH will just slip...
  12. Best tires for soft deep snow?

    ATV General Discussion
    You are looking at the wrong tires for snow. Mud tires make for poor snow tires. Two of the best tires I've seen in the snow are Maxxis Bighorn's and Kenda Bearclaw HTR's. I've done a lot of snow riding, and those are two of the best I have seen and/or used.
  13. Talon

    ATV General Discussion
    Has anyone checked out or driven the new Honda Talon yet. Looks like a pretty sweet ride. Honda may actually have something there. If I was in the market for a new sxs, that would be high on my list. That 6 speed, dual clutch automatic transmission would be awesome, mated up to the 104 HP, 999...
  14. Hi from Australia

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    'ello and welcome.
  15. Seriously???

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    82 degrees on the drive home yesterday afternoon and 23 with freezing drizzle and snow flurries for the drive in to work this morning. Wind chill of 12. Supposed to be back into the mid to upper 70's by Monday. Gotta love it. :grin