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  • fhedrickjr ·
    Hey gtsum2, I am trying to get a closer look at your Sportsman. I keep clicking but can't get a larger view. I find it IRONIC that without having seen your Sportsman, I bought the 06 800 that looks like the same color scheme! Great Minds!!!
    camlaw ·
    how ya doin,,seen ya got a 2012 brute with elkas,,what stage elkas ?,,,do u like them any regrets ?,,I got a 2012 brute,,had fox podium x on them but wasn't crazy about them so sold them,,im debating on goin with elkas or sellin the brute,,getting either a scrambler or renegade
    gtsum2 ·
    I am in Chesterfield. There are trails in Chester that are decent, and we have some local ones near our house. We make about 5 trips per year to hatfield mccoy though
    gtsum2 ·
    I like it so far. I have about 60 hours and 490 miles on it. Went to Hatfield Mccoy this past weekend with 10 other riders and had a blast. The Polaris ride comfort on rough terrain is unmatched. I did replace all my springs with EPI Heavy Duty springs and it rides much better now. It corners better and does not squat near as much as before when accelerating. (I am 6ft 240 and ride pretty hard, so the stock springs were too soft). The 400 has good power for what it is, but you will not be able to lift the front end up or do serious donuts, etc if that is your thing. Also, some more power would be nice in the mountains for sure. That being said, the 500 (which is actually only 43cc more engine) would not be much difference. Would need a 550xp or 850xp likely (my next quad or a can am outy 800).

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