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  • pedals ·
    hey i'm just reading your post about wont start. very good job on it, i'm on the last step i have spark and compression but for some reason its just not starting. 500 EFI sportsman i checked and theres gas at the gas qucik connect by the engine but i'm not sure if its making it all the way to the engine I think theres something wrong in the EFI parts no sure never had an EFI before this. I tried pouing a bottle cap full of gas in with the spark plug and that time after trying to start it for a bit i got a back fire out the airbox which i have with the filter off. any other ideas i could try...tks
    MooseGS ·

    I have a 2007 sportsman 500, and it has a problem starting when I turn the key no dash/speedo lights come on but the bike is making sounds like it is priming fuel, after around 3-4 minutes the priming sound changes the dash lights come on and the bike will start, it will run fine from then on until the bike has sat for about an hour then it will go through the same process of starting it again. Have you had or herd of this problem before.

    choppintime ·
    Do you still have the wheel/tire combo? Interested but I would need them shipped to 07932 zip code.

    Let me know, and if so a total cost.


    Chris Nash
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