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  • Moe_Fugga ·
    You seem to be a wealth of knowledge and first hand experience around the boards. I have posted a question in the tire section called "Tire weight without replacing clutch or axles" or something to that affect. I won't re-ask it here, but if you get a moment to stop by and throw in your two cents I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
    amec2ldo ·
    Hey Thor! I am in the market for wheels, but I didn't want to start a new thread. I just read your thread from last year regarding wheels on a Sporty 500 that will not increase the overall width. The thread indicates CTI C7s (w/Black Diamonds) witha 5+2 offset. A few questions:

    1) Was this on a 500 or an 850?
    2) If on a 500, did the width stay the same (or close)?
    3) If on a 500, was anything else required, or were the rims and tires "plug & play" without spacers or other mods?
    4) Finally, are they 12x7 rims all the way around? And what size tires (front & rear).
    Powhatan ·
    Do you happen to know when ATV Guru may begin taking orders on their bumpers again? Thanks for any info you may have.
    bp405 ·
    hi thor. was on ur website and have a question about the synthetic rope kit. will the hause fairlead fit my warn 3.0 rt winch and does it say viper like in the picture?
    screighton ·
    Thor, I hear nothing but good news about you and your store. I have a few questions for you if you don't mind. I am looking to buy a few 2012 or 2013 Polaris Sportsman 500 H.0.'s in March when I come home from being deployed overseas.
    VIPER Winch Mount
    1. Will this winch mount fix on the 2012 and the 2013 Polaris Sportsman 500 H.0.'s?
    2. Will the WARN RT25 2500LB Winch fit this mount and on the Polaris mentioned above?
    I am also looking into buying this winch as long as it will mount on the winch mount and Polaris listed above.
    WARN RT25 2500LB Winch
    1. Does this winch come with everything I need including the solenoid or do I need to order anything else.
    2. Do you sell the synthetic rope
    Feel free to email me at [email protected]
    Thanks in advance
    tozuna ·
    hey i think my wife bought a seat and lock and ride mounts and i have no idea on how to mount them if you could let me know i would greatly appreciate it
    redneckron ·
    I need to find out if Polaris is going to release a Power Steering unit to be installed on the 2011 X2s. There anyway from your infinite resources to find this out. The Polaris telephone guards tell me to go to dealer and go to the dealer. The dealers I know get my request confused with the release of the Razor power steering units. So you know anybody that might know or be able to put me in touch with someone that might. Thanks Ron Schubert 505-681-5185
    skiingmaniac00 ·
    So would you say that this is very secure if an adult passenger was riding with? Only worry that my wife rides with me and if it were to happen to come off.
    skiingmaniac00 ·
    Thor, do you have any more pictures of the Sportsman XP Rear Box w/seat - Lock and Ride system? I wanted to see what it looks like on the inside with it open.
    bp405 ·
    Hey thor just read the thread where u took care of the dude with the bad tire. I need heavy duty springs for my 2011 sportsmen 800. All four corners. What do u sell? I have installed the polaris adjusters up front. Problem is im scrubbing the rears on the foot well/rearfender at higher speeds. Im a bigger guy 5'10" 310lbs. And have after market tires and rims that are wider then oem.
    JP10 ·
    Do you know where i can look at a picture of them? Or do they look like the viper front bumper he makes for people who snow plow? Did he remove the fangs
    JP10 ·
    Hey Thor, I was looking for the atv guru front bumpers and it says new design coming soon??? unavailable...So will the front bumpers look different?
    I looked on Atv Guru's site and all they have is that the front bumpers are delayed due to backorder

    Just wondering Which one it is?

    ellis_dave ·
    Thor do you guys carry axles for a 2010 850 touring with esp and if so can you get just the axle shaft without the cv joints.seems I may have bent the shaft and no have a wobbly front wheel but the cv joints are still good.Whats the cost and what's the cost for shipping to n.b. Canada
    jccapri ·
    in the transmission of the 09 850 if you over load the clutch it will slip instead of braking stuff spike load dampner the 09 has 2 parts to it and the 2010s has 1 part in the transmission and 1 part in the clutch 2011/2012 was done in the clutches only i thank thats why the 09s pull harder off the line and you can run big tires with no clutch kit
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