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  1. Which is the better buy?

    ATV Purchasing and Price
    I’m looking at a 2016 Sportsman 1000 with 2,300 miles on it for $7,800 and a 2019 850 with only 14 hours on it for $8,500. Which is the better buy? Newer that’s barely been driven vs older with a better engine? And how long do Polaris ATVs last in general? Need help deciding thanks.
  2. 2016 Sportsman 1000 TOURING clutch kit

    ATV Performance Modifications
    Anyone know of a clutch kit out there that would fit the 2016 sportsman 1000 touring? EPI is not sure if their kit would fit the 2016 touring model. Highlifter has one for 2015 1000 touring but they dont think it would fit the 2016 1000 touring. If by some ridiculous chance someone has a 2016...
  3. Does the Scrambler 1000 engine fit on the Sportsman 850?

    ATV Performance Modifications
    I’m wondering if anyone knows if the engine on the Scrambler and Sportsman XP 1000 fits on the Sportman 850 XP? It looks very similar when looking at the oem parts fiche. I’m asking this since after bringing my 2011 Sportsman 850 XP to Polaris because it was burning lots of oil I just found...
  4. 2014 Polaris Scrambler 1000XP

    ATVs For Sale
    I am UNFORTUNATELY selling My Baby... a low hour (41) 2014 Scrambler 1000 XP. It has always been garage kept and meticulously maintained with Amsoil Fluids. (Engine Oil, Front Diff, Rear Diff, Transfer Case and Transmission) I am ONLY selling it due to personal reasons. It runs perfect!! I have...
  5. 2015 1000 Sportsman Touring torque specs

    Polaris Sportsman XP 1000
    Does anyone have access to a .PDF or a link available for the torque specs for a 2015 Sportsman 1000 XP Touring - Specifically the front end radiator support / shocks / pn#5632354 BULKHEAD-CAST - main front fender support cast piece? Would be fantastic Thank you in advance!!
  6. Sportsman 1000

    Sportsman 1000

  7. Sportsman 1000

    Sportsman 1000

  8. Sportsman 1000

    Sportsman 1000

  9. XP 1000 Exhaust heat poll

    Polaris Sportsman XP 1000
    I've read multiple threads about the Sportsman XP 1000 exhaust getting hot, glowing, melting plastic, etc. However, what we don't have a grip on is what percentage of folks are having issues and to what extent. I'd like to start this poll so that hopefully we get a representative sample over...
  10. Pxt Tires - CT

    ATV Parts for Sale
    Hi. I have two 26x8x14 and two 26x11x14 PXT tires off of a newly purchased 1000. Tires have zero use on them other than loading on and off the trailer. Looking for $250 for all four. Will ship if you pay. Thanks for looking.
  11. Winch mount???

    Polaris Scrambler XP 1000
    Does anyone know of a winch mount out for the scrambler 1000? I already bought the winch. The only problem is I can't find a mount for my atv. I'm thinking the scrambler 850 or sportsman mount would work but want to know for sure before I spend the $$. Any help would be great! Thanks!