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  1. 1994 Polaris 400 sportsman no spark

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Hey all, having some issues with my old bird. The two wires ( red white and red) from the key switch touched and then i lost spark. i smelled a little plastic burn but i cant trace it back to anything. I have replaced the CDI, Spark plug, stator and rewired the whole board. still no luck! Ive...
  2. Carburation issue 94 Polaris 400L Sportsman 2x4

    ATV New Members
    Greetings all... I recently acquired a 1994 Polaris 400l Sportsman that was literally in buckets with almost all the wires unplugged and hanging there, all plastic off of it, brakes were gone and it had flat tires! The carb was also off and disassembled. The owner gave me the machine to...
  3. 1994 400l shifting problems

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    So after about 2 months of work my 94 400l was doing great. Took it out for a ride today and as usuall something broke. First whenever I try to shift into gear it just grinda and wont let me. I pulled the clutch cover to find that my primary clutch was engageing even in neutral. Then came the...
  4. Coolant in cylinder

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Hey guys, first time posting here but i have used the forum for many problems that i have had before. I picked up a 1994 400L 4x4 With the knowledge that It wasn't running, was told the carb needed to be cleaned rebuilt and the coolant bled. But of course nothing is ever as easy as it sounds. I...
  5. Manual for 1994 Trail Boss

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I need to locate a manual for a : Model Year: 1994 TRAILBOSS 4X4 300 Production Date 07/14/1994 Purchase Date 09/23/1994 Registration Date 10/03/1994 Warranty Expiration Date 03/23/1995 Registration Country US 2nd Year Engine Warranty End Date No 2nd Year Engine Warranty Engine Number ...
  6. new guy - first post

    ATV New Members
    Hi - I'm new to board. Just got my first polaris four wheeler. New to me, not new: 1994 Trail Boss 250 4x4 I have been reading tons, need to figure out an issue with 4x4, then the starter (it runs perfect though). QUESTION: I have done a TON of searching and read a TON of threads on 4x4 /...