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  1. 94 polari sportsman problems and questions

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    94 Polaris sportsman 400 my first 4x4 four wheeler but not my first wheeler. I am new here and saw a lot of good answers and knowledge here so I figured it was best place for me to ask my questions. Background of wheeler. I got the bike on trade and it didn't run. So I did the basics like...
  2. Scrambler transmission help

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Looking to find out some information reguarding my 1998 scrambler 400 4x4. the chain broke and went through the case on the transmission(gearcase) my question to all of you is does anybody know what years these transmissions are interchangeable? or if the 400 and 500 are the same too? any help...
  3. Rebuilding 96 scrambler 400 2-stroke 4x4

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Hey guys I'm new to the site after surfing it for a while to help with learning about 2-stroke engines. I recently got a 1996 scrambler 400 2-stroke 4x4 for free that has been sitting outside for about 4 years, so you can imagine how gunked and dirty everything is. I got it running pretty good...
  4. 02 400 scrambler 2-stroke rebuild

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Hi, this is my first time on this forum and need some help. I need to rebuild at least my top end. I have everything tore apart and out except the crankcase. I'm trying to do it myself because I want to learn more about my bike and motor and add a few extras to it. 1. The rod on the crankshaft...
  5. Parting out 2001 Polaris 250 Sport 2-Stroke ATV

    ATV Parts for Sale
    I am parting out a 2001 Polaris 250 Sport 2-Stroke ATV Motor runs good. Let me know what you need. [email protected] Thanks
  6. 1995 Polaris 300 2x4

    ATVs For Sale
    For Sale: 1995 Polaris 300 2x4 This unit is being sold for the cost of the repairs. New Parts: Polaris master cylinder, front/rear steel brake lines, recoil spring/rope, and choke Primary drive 11T front sprocket and D.I.D. 520 O-ring chain Aftermarket starter solenoid Interstate battery...