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2006 polaris hawkeye

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  1. ATV New Members
    We are having difficulty in finding tires for our Hawkeye, the tires on there now shows front: 22x7-12, the rear: 22x10-12 is there any tires which we can have in place of them or can we find these sizes? Live in Wisconsin and don't want to go all over to find them unless they can be shipped for...
  2. ATV New Members
    Hi everyone , i need some guidance šŸ„ŗ so we bought a 2006 Polaris Hawkeye 300 was told that only needed the one-way clutch replaced the primary was already pulled come to find out the one way is fine we need to replace the primary because it's blown apart in a million pieces we've been searching...
1-2 of 2 Results