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2011 polaris sportsman touring 850 eps

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  1. ATV Visual & Body Modifications
    Newbie here and thanks for all the posts and advice. This weekend I didn’t get to go ride so I built some racks. A front rack for My cooler and a rear rack for small cargo box. I bought this machine used a few years ago and we finally got To go ride in the mountains south of Cloudcroft, NM...
  2. ATV New Members
    Hi, I'm new to the group and looking to buy my first fourwheeler that will be more of an toy and less of a work horse like my old Honda. I've got my eye set on a polaris sportsman 850 HL edition. My only issue so far is when I purchase it I want to do two things. Number one put a high rise...
  3. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I have been working on this problem all summer. My daughter has a sportsman 90 that runs fine, until the battery runs down. Then if I charge the battery overnight, it runs great again, until the battery dies again. I pulled the stator and had the shop test it. It was bad, so I replaced it...
1-4 of 4 Results