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2012 sportsman 500 ho
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  1. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    So I set off this past weekend to replace a torn rear inner CV joint on my 2012 Sportsman. This is my first real repair job on this quad and everything started off fine... I removed the wheel, brake, hub assembly and pulled the axle. I cut the boot off and separated the joint to clean out all...
  2. 2012 Sportsman 500 HO

    I have rode rear wheel drive ATV's for over 30 years. This is my first 4x4 and only rode another once. I have always liked putting chains or studs on anything rear wheel drive. I cut the chains to length so there is no overlap and rejoin them with threaded chain links. They work smother this way at
  3. ATV Brakes & Suspension
    I am looking to replace my factory shocks. Any advise on aftermarket shocks for a 2012 Sportsman 500 HO would greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. Polaris Sportsman
    I apologize in advance if this has been covered before. I just didn't find anything related to it when i searched. My 2012 Sportsman 500 Ho does the clunking/clicking noise going down hill, it also locks up the rear wheels depending on how steep the hill is and has added to my shitty gas milage...
1-6 of 6 Results