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2015 sportsman 570

  1. Fuel Pump Problems 2015 Sportsman 570

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Hey guys ! just bought a Sportsman 570 Touring 560 mi . Had it 4 days before fuel pump gave out , now yes I know it’s used but still think this is a crappy way to start out my ATV owning experience ,this is my first one . Anyways it left me stranded luckily not too far from my house had to be...
  2. Questions - 2015 Sportsman 570

    Polaris Sportsman 570
    Hey all, new to the forum, longtime Polaris owner. I've read through a bunch of the threads on lighting but I have a few specific questions. I just bought, over the weekend, a 2015 Sportsman 570 EPS, and so far so good! I am having a hard time finding some of the accessories for it as it is...