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  1. 88 trailboss 250 R/es no spark FIXED NOW IT BOGS DOWN HELP!!

    Polaris Trail Boss
    Hey so I was given a 1988 Polaris trailboss R/es. I got it running after cleaning the carb. So it was running but not very well. Seemed to have low power, so I thought about a air leak. I changed the crank seals and as I was trying to get the fly wheel off I accidentally touched the stator and...
  2. 1993 250 Trail Boss Fuel Line Routing

    Polaris Trail Boss
    Having issues with our 1993 250 4x4 with fuel. I have replaced the valve under the fuel tank, it was very loose. Now it appears to not be pulling fuel. I think the previous owner routed the fuel line improperly. It was above the black metal bracket that holds the fuel tank in. This seems to...