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  1. 325 Magnum, parking brake, or not?

    ATV General Discussion
    I bought an old 325 Magnum for a back up to our work ATV, which is a 330 Magnum. The 325 is rough, and front shafts were removed so it's a 2x4 now (I assume they had hilliard clutch issues and took the shafts out)... but it runs really strong. I had to rig that goobered up shifter box, but...
  2. New to ATVs - Magnum 325 Purchase Opinion

    ATV New Members
    First time ATV buyer and am just looking for some feedback on a prospective purchase. I recently bought a camp and am looking for a general purpose ATV for mowing, light hauling and hunting. I have a limited budget coming off the purchase so looking for a used, but reliable, quad. I also have...
  3. 2001 TrailBoss 325

    Polaris Trail Boss
    This machine starts and runs 1/4 throttle,idles great, but under load wont pull past 10 mph tops.BOGS DOWN TIL U LET OFF THROTTLE THEN IDLES FINE..no backfire or such just wont go... i changed and even added a second fuel filter. blew airbox out and ran great for 30 mins and back to same ol...
  4. 2000 325 2x4 Magnum Hot Oil Light

    Polaris Magnum
    Was out riding the other day and the hot oil light came ON. Checked the oil level which was OK; however, noticed that the fan was not running. Unplugged the fan connector and hot wired the fan and it ran fine. The fan motor was drawing 4.6 amps. Then I short circuited the leads to the...
  5. Polaris Magnum 325 2x4. Problem with engine cutting out.

    Polaris Magnum
    I just bought a 2001 Polaris Magnum 325 2x4. It in good shape besides having one issue. It is ok at idling once I put some fresh gas in it. But once I get it to full throttle, the engine cuts out (but doesn't die) it just seems like you can only rev it so far or it will cut out again (it happens...
  6. Polaris Magnum 325 problems.

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Hello my name is Thomas. In February my grandpa was starting to get weak from battling lung cancer. About two weeks before he passed he told me he wanted me to have his Polaris I know its a Polaris Magnum 325 4X4. Now im working on it and the solenoid wont receive power and not allowing the...
  7. 2000 polaris trail boss

    ATV New Members
    hello every one,i need a little help,long story short i got a polaris trail boss 325 brand new back in 2000 had it for ten years and sold it to a friend,well just got it back and all of the carbuerator lines are unhooked i hooked everything back p but there are two fittings on each side of the...
  8. 2003 Trail Boss 325, no electrical, no rear brakes

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Hi, new to the forum. Looking to buy a used Trail boss 325. I found a nice 2003 and test drove it. It runs great, but it does have 2 problems. 1 - The front lights, or any other lights including the Neutral and Reverse, did not turn on. Should this be something simple? The battery was...
  9. 2000 Polaris magnum 325 floods and barely runs

    Polaris Magnum
    Ok so I have a 2000 polaris magnum 325 and all it does is bogs, It wont move, doesn't idle, and shoot a whole bunch of exhaust. So we took the airbox top off and there was almost a inch of gas inside So then took the carb off there was a little piece of metal that holds the float in place...