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  1. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Alright so I will try and make this quick and to the point. But basically I’ve had this machine for over 6 years and haven’t been able to get it to run right… I had the whole engine rebuilt. Checked very fluid. Replaced everything major I could see. Even tried mixing gas and bypassing oil...
  2. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    i have a 1996 polaris scrambler 400 4X4 and it is not running properly as it will not rev up nicely and won’t get to dull rev as well as it won’t idle, it has a small exhaust leak and it is basically stock, i replaced the oil tank and reads, and it’s still will not run properly please help
  3. Polaris Scrambler
    Does anyone have an extra or NOS SPRING&LEVER SET(FOR 3085285) 3085571? Thanks John
  4. Polaris Scrambler
    The top bolt spins and wiggles but will not budge one centimeter when I go to tap it out. Any ideas or tips etc.??? I tried an air hammer jack, punch & hammer, torch, pb blaster, all of it. It won’t even budge but it will spin and it will wiggle. I never seen anything like it.
  5. Polaris Scrambler
    Hello i am new to the forum. i have purchased a used scrambler 400 2 stroke 2x4 that needed the water pump seals done. i changed the seals and now have it re assembled. i can not get it to start with the pull cord now. the bike was running before i took it apart. I was wondering if maybe it is...
  6. ATV Performance Modifications
    I was wondering if after market V-force reed kit was really worth it? They seem very expensive. Can anyone help on this? Has anyone put a Moto Tassinari V Force Delta 2 on their bike or are they all about the same. Where is the best place to buy it? Also should I buy the whole kit or just buy...
  7. Polaris Scrambler
    Thinking about parting out my bike. Has many parts in great condition, including the fresh rebuild on the motor. Parting out due to a couple of bad gears in the trany. Motor is still in the bike, you can hear it run! Any questions, feel free to call - 304.280.6559
1-7 of 7 Results