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  1. Pic of my first ATV EVER!!!!

    ATV New Members
    I have posted on here twice before but I never attached a pic, thought I would do so. I love my new Polaris and have been eating up Honda, Yamaha, and Kawasaki's like crazy!!!!! I am almost 40 and feel like a kid again. :veryhappy:
  2. Lock and Ride Kit

    ATV General Discussion
    I am thinking of purchasing the Kolpin lounge cargo box for my 2014 Polaris Sportsman 400. I believe I will need to purchase a lock and ride kit to hold this on. My question is how strong are the lock and ride kits? I want to be able to take my son with me and I don't want it falling off. Please...
  3. Metal Back Rack for Sportsman 400 HO

    Polaris Sportsman
    Hi guys, I've been damaging my 2014 Sportsman 400 HO back rack pretty bad...because, well, it's all plastic so whenever I bump into something going a decent speed it snaps right off. I've been contemplating buying a whole new plastic back rack piece, but I was wondering if any company made a...
  4. New to forum

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    Hi I have a 2012 Sportman 400 HO I love this forum thank god i found it. My belt makes a loud noise when i coast down hills is this normal?