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  1. 500 ho exhaust problem!! Need help!

    Polaris Sportsman
    I know this has probably been asked before but i cant find anything that actually helps me. I have a 2012 500 ho and am having problems with the exhaust in deep water. That's pretty much all I ride. If I get in mud and water just above the exhaust my bike starts cutting out and then dies if I...
  2. leaking vacuum tube from bottom of carb bowl

    Polaris Sportsman
    On my 2005 sportsman 500 HO, there is what appears to be a 1/8" x 14" clear vacuum tube attached to the bottom of the carb bowl. The opposite end is not attached to anything. It is now leaking gas. Any ideas where or to what the tube attaches to.
  3. Hello, newbie needing some guidance

    ATV New Members
    I just joined the forum because I have a couple of questions. I'm hoping the forum will help me get more out of my Sportsman experience. I just moved to the desert of Arizona after living above 5500 feet. My 05 Sportsman HO is carbureted. I had the local shop put in high altitude weights and...
  4. What should I get for CO?

    ATV Purchasing and Price
    I am wanting personal opinions on what four wheeler I should buy. A little bit of info to help is... I live in Fort Collins CO, and have a lot of trails up here, but I also have family and friends in Lyons CO. I would do a lot of riding there as well. I have friends that have told me that a...
  5. So far so good.

    ATV General Discussion
    Well I have had this 11' sportsman 500 ho since Sept. and not only do I love it my wife loves it too. We ride almost weekly it has 44.8 hours and 290 miles on it already. The only problem I have had is it came with a set of warped back tires which my dealer gladly swapped out for a new set. I...
  6. 2003 Sportsman 500 transmission

    Polaris Sportsman
    Anybody got a 2003 500 HO they are parting out or know where one is? I need a transmission for my 500 HO, reverse is locked up and the guy at the shop said I could find a good used one cheaper than fixing mine. I bought a fix er upper with only 300 miles and 48 hrs but the trans is locked any...
  7. Question about the 2011 sportsman 500 H.O.

    ATV General Discussion
    Hello, to start I love Polaris. I was wanting to know if anyone has heard anything about the 2011 sportsman 500 H.O.? There is a good deal on a brand new one and I couldn't decide, so far, on getting the 800 EFI or the standard 500? Anyone have any suggestions? Do the belts slip bad on...
  8. 2010 Sportsman 500 HO

    Polaris Sportsman
    Hello! This is my first post on here! I have owned 3 Polaris over the years, finally broke down and joined the club! I have a couple of questions for anyone out there.....I am looking into water proofing and snorkeling my 500 HO. What all has to be done to water tight the thing and what all do I...
  9. 2009 Sportsman 500 HO Metal Rack Basket

    I just ordered and received a Polaris 6" rear mounted metal basket and a mounting kit for same so that the basket could be adapted to the "Lock and Ride" (easy on/off) system. I assembled everything as per the instructions and mounted the adapter to the basket but when I went to put it on the...