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  1. Polaris Scrambler
    Hey all. I’ve searched and searched with no real answers. 03 Scrambler 50 started bogging down, spitting and sputtering while riding last year. It finally quit and put in the barn til recently. I’ve replaced cylinder (120 compression) piston, stator, ignition coil, carburetor, starter and...
  2. ATVs For Sale
    I'm located in SE Ohio (but willing to travel if the price is right) and looking for a 50cc quad for my son. He is OBSESSED with ATVs. Right now he has the biggest powerwheels one they make, but as he is almost 3 and has full safety gear I think it is time for him to upgrade!! Hoping to find one...
  3. Polaris Scrambler
    Just purchased a 50 for my son. We had an issue that required us to take the lines off of the On, Off, Res fuel valve. Can you please help me in determining where each of the 3 hoses run from/to it? A friend put them all back on the valve, but I'm less than confident they are correct. Thanks!
  4. Polaris Outlaw
    Any one know where I might be able to get sprockets for the Outlaw 50 to give it more hill climbing power and slow it down? I would like to go one less in the front and 2-4 more on the back one. I think it has 14 front and 38 back from the factory. I called the local Dealer and he found...
1-4 of 4 Results