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  1. brand new here! 2010 Outlaw 525S or 08'??

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    Hey guys Brand spankin' new here. Haven't even bought my Polaris yet. Been riding for 6 years or so and i had an 08' kfx 450R which i'm selling to a friend to get him into riding! So far he loves it! So I've been doing my research a little bit and i really have narrowed it down to the 08 Outlaw...
  2. wheels noise?

    Polaris Outlaw
    I have an outlaw 525s and my front wheel is making a popping clicking grinding noise when I turn it. what is this? doesn't sound like its much to fix but I need some ideas to start looking. possibly front bearings?? help me out pleeeez!!
  3. polaris outlaws

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    are all Polaris outlaw engines made by KTM? I have an 08 525s. I know these are. are the newer models and older 500 made by KTM also?
  4. 08 outlaw air filter???

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    I cant seem to figure out to get the air filter out or off. do i need to unscrew the whole box?? i need help please
  5. Video - On my Outlaw 525s in Peru desert

    Polaris Outlaw
    A video of my 2008 Polaris Outlaw 525S in the desert of Peru. Quads - De Punta Hermosa a San Bartolo - Moto Fanaticos Regards