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  1. Sportsman 550 Potential Parts Availability Issues Problems

    Polaris Sportsman
    With the 550 being replaced by the 570 and only being in production for 6 years will there be any problems getting replacement parts (primarily engine & drive train parts) at a reasonable cost in 5 to 10 years?
  2. Sportsman 550XP visits a Brothel,2 Old cabins, and a snowball

    ATV Media
    I haven't ever posted a video here. Hopefully this works. Just a nice ride up in some old mining country.
  3. 850 XP rear Rack

    ATV Parts Wanted
    i need the rear rack for my 850 xp. I believe the 550 xp racks are the same. PM if you have one and what your price is. Not interested in paying the dealer $300 for a piece of plastic and a metal frame!!
  4. Lube A-Arm bushings on XP

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Here is a way to grease the upper A-Arms on your XP chassis. I found another thread on this topic. I didn't find anything in that thread that helped me. http://www.polarisatvforums.com/forums/polaris-xp/42450-850-zerk-fittings.html So... Remove both front wheels. You can reach the...
  5. '09 Polaris Sportsman 550 in NE Flordia

    ATVs For Sale
    '09 Polaris Sportsman, 4x4 great condition, front and rear bumpers and rack extentions, power wench, good tires, trailer hitch. 239 miles. $5,400.00 386-325-2023
  6. how to replace a zerk grease fitting

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I was recently greasing my 2009 550 XP efi/eps. When I tries to push the grease coupler on the fitting on the upper zerk on the rear left side a-arm, it just fell off. I suspect the guy who last worked on my atv at the dealer ripped it off and jsut stuck it back in place so he wouldn't have to...
  7. Polaris winch maintenance

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Hey Is there any type of maintenance that has to be done to the 2500lb polaris winches. I have one on my 550 XP and where it is down so low it is always in the mud and I am concerned that even though it is supposedly sealed that water and mud may be getting where it shouldn't. I have been...
  8. code 520193 means?

    Polaris XP
    I was out riding my 550XP today and at one point the digital instrument panel displayed what I assume is a service code. That number displayed was 520193. It also displayed an engine icon. It was running when I noticed the message so I immediately headed back to the truck. I stopped and...