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  1. Polaris Sportsman
    I have a 2002 700 twin and have been slowly rebuilding it, saving it from the scrap yard. The OEM speedometer was of course busted, so I replaced it with a GPS speedometer for cheap. They work great but the problem is now I have no gear indicator lights. I did this before on a 2001 400 and...
  2. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Hey guys, I'm looking for a wiring diagram (or service manual) for my 2005 Sportsman 700. I've only found stuff for the Sportsman 700 EFI, mine is still carbureted. Any ideas where I can get something? (I want it to be a PDF. Don't mind paying, just don't want to have to wait for it if I...
  3. ATV General Discussion
    I have a 2004.5 Polaris sportsman 700 that currently has a 2” bracket lift on it. I’m taking it off due to the issues it’s causing with suspension geometry, front axle binding, etc. it’s an old quad and has a sag in the front lifted or not. I’ve heard about these hd (I assume heavy duty) springs...
  4. ATV General Discussion
    Alright, I think I have got it figured out! The 02 sportsman 700 literally overfills every carburetor I’ve put on it... I’m thinking fuel pump is dumping to much fuel.. it is original and has been opened up before because it was clogged.. Can that be my issue.. the bike will start up, not easy...
  5. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I’ve had this 2004 sportsman 700 late model for about a year now and it’s been through multiple carb rebuilds. I’ve got it to where it’s as dialed as it’s ever been but it’s never perfect. Sometimes it idles up at 1400-1500 rpm, sometimes it’s down at 800-900 rpm, and sometimes it’s perfect at...
  6. ATV General Discussion
    No means to bring up an old topic for an old bike but this is very weird. The bike is a 2002 Sportsman 700, I just put two fresh gaskets in my exhaust trying to fix the leak and glowing red hot manifold, it is still doing it. It only glows under load, at idle it is good. Also my manifold did...
  7. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Bought my Uncles old 2003 sportsman 700 twin (passed away in 2008, quad has sat from 2010 to 2020). I went with the RM stator kit to bypass the failed ducati ignition. But now i'm getting an issue with overcharging. When revving the bike and riding after about mid RPM the dash starts to flash...
  8. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    The ATV starts up and idles fine for as long as you’d like it to. If you very carefully and quickly feather the throttle ever so slightly you can build RPM up around 13-1400. But if you try to easy the throttle in it will shut off. Pulled the plugs out and unplugged the fuel pump and cranked the...
  9. ATV General Discussion
    The side panels on my sportsman are way off, like the body line is off, the front plastics seem to high but are positioned perfect. Could the side panels have shrunk or anything, I have provided pics for show.
  10. ATV General Discussion
    How hard is it to replace a stator backer plate on a 2002 sportsman 700? Will I need new seals? I just need the bendix bushing but I’d it better to replace the backer plate?
  11. ATV General Discussion
    Does anyone know the size of the nut on the bottom of the ball joint? Like thread size so I can find one at Lowe’s? Mine is stripped and I have a new strut on the way but the nut is missing.
  12. ATV General Discussion
    My 2002 sportsman 700 has new ball joints and I did a 2 inch lift to stop my outlaw 1 27s from rubbing. It put the ball joins at such an angle the plate that holds them in came loose. The threads won’t go in and I don't know how to fix it. The back had a nice angle too but I lower it down with...
  13. ATV General Discussion
    My 2002 sportsman 700 tachometer all of a sudden says zero. I believe it could be due to no flywheel magnets because they fell out (I have an RMStator) can someone confirm this? And where would be a good place to find a flywheel online?
  14. ATV General Discussion
    I found out why my sportsman 700 burns through starter bendixs. The hole in the engine side has grown bigger and the bendix is loose. Is there a way to fix this. I’ll put some pics in. The hole is not a perfect circle now.
  15. ATV General Discussion
    What are some little tweaks or mods I can make while I have the rear plastic off of my 2002 sportsman 700?
  16. ATV General Discussion
    I got a new flywheel for my 02 sportsman 700 because my magnets came out. The new flywheel is one from the ac to dc upgrade kit. The flywheel I got hit the stator bolts. Can I get a new stator for that flywheel and splice the wires? Or where can I find the new clip in magnets? thanks in advance
  17. ATV General Discussion
    on the 2002 sportsman 700 I’m trying to stop the speedo plastics from shaking. They move around a lot and by the looks of it the bolts are tight. What is causing this?
  18. ATV General Discussion
    Okay I know its a carb or spark plug issue? Am I correct? The four wheeler will bog a little bit, then go but it’s a slow takeoff and low power from 20-30 mph, it’s got equal to less power than my king quad 450, what in the carb would cause this? Thank you all in advance, you have all been a...
  19. ATV General Discussion
    Hello, my speedo stays on whenever I shut the key off, even when I shut off the handlebar switch. The screen with the key on is perfectly normal, if I turn off the key it says hdlbr and stays on. Please Help.. Thanks in advance.
  20. ATV General Discussion
    The brakes have been out for a bit on this bike (2002 Sportsman 700) and I just got the last line I need. The foot brake line was cut so I got a new one and I cannot seem to find where it hooks up to. I think it might be on the rear caliper but I can’t find where at, a video or diagram would be...
1-20 of 51 Results