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  1. Sportsman 800 Tire Upgrade

    Polaris Sportsman
    I have a 2008 Sportsman 800. Currently I'm running 12inch rims, 26x8 on the front, 26x11 on the rear. I want to upgrade to 27x9 on the front, and 27x12 on the rears. I'll be throwing on 1 inch spacers as well Do I need to upgrade the clutch and drive belt or will the stock setup handle the...
  2. 07 sportsman efi fan problems please help!!!

    Polaris Sportsman
    I got a 07 sportsman efi the fan comes on when it wants to not when it should which cause me to over heat at slow speeds and I got to turn the key x5 to the on position to get the fan to turn on I got a new thermister when I unplug it the fan runs I swapped the relays nothing I jumped the relay...
  3. Primary Cluth Puller question.

    ATV General Discussion
    Have an 05 Sportsman 800 twin. I was wondering? Is there a cheaper alternative I can use to pull my primary.....other than using the recommended puller (part # PCP-8)??? They want $60 bucks for the recommended puller. There's just gotta be another threaded rod out there that can get the job...
  4. bendix installation

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I'm new here and looking for answers. I have a 2005 Sportsman 800 and it recently stopped cranking. It happened after a day of riding. The starter had a real slow and sluggish turnover. I ordered a new starter and bendix. I was wondering if it was possible to install the new bendix without...
  5. Wiring of High Beam on 2008 Sportsman

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Hey, New to this forum even though I have used it many times searching for threads for my ATVs. Thank you! My question. I have a 2008 Polaris Sportsman 800 Touring EFI that the high beam light stopped working. I have pulled all the plastic and casing off to see inside easily. I pulled the...
  6. sportsman 800 wont shift

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    hello i have a issue with my sportsman 800, it is an automatic and was driving along not crazy or anything and stopped put it in park then went i put it in H it wouldnt go anywhere, you can hear it shift but just wont go after that... any suggestions? Thank you!
  7. HD Springs, and other things

    ATV General Discussion
    So I have '12 800 EFI, and tightened the back spring because it was soft, was thinking about HD springs all around and then had an epiphany that made me think twice. On rock climbing and extreme hills how much are those going to effect roll over? Any thoughts? I'm a heavier rider (240 or...
  8. New member 2014 sportsman 800 efi

    ATV New Members
    just bought a sportsman 800 efi today and wanted to know the best site/sites to purchase aftermarket parts first things first it needs a snorkel kit and i would rather buy a kit than go to home depot!
  9. best tire for 06 Sportsman 800 efi

    ATV Wheels & Tires
    Hey everyone! I'm a 17 year old rider from BC and I purchased my atv this past summer with basically stock everything other than heated grips, gun holders and the snow plow.. I was looking into upgrading the tires and wheels sometime this year for the summer time as the current ones are getting...
  10. Sportsman 800 vs 850 XP

    ATV Purchasing and Price
    Ok guys I'm new on here. I had a SRA 650 brute(broke) force and sold it and now I'm lookin to jump to a polaris. So here's the question (a pretty common one) I cant decide whether to buy an 800 or an 850. Either way it will be used rather than new more than likely. I will pretty much be on the...
  11. Sportsman 800 rear shocks

    ATV Brakes & Suspension
    Hey guys, new to the forum so HELLO...got a quick question, I'm putting a 2 in lift on the front of my sportsman 800 and i would like to lift the rear as well...If I turn the adjustment piece on the bottom of the rear shock will that give me any lift or will it simply make the shocks stiffer? Thanks
  12. Air intake, transmission cover fix.

    ATV General Discussion
    After some riding in the water (nothing too deep) I had clean out the air intake, air box, and transmission cover. The problems the intake catching splashes, the air vent for the transmission doing the same. Sure, I could ride through the water slower but that sounds too simple and not fun...
  13. 850 vs 800

    ATV General Discussion
    So I have a '12 SP800, my friend has an SP850. I'll keep this brief, since my last post was apparently put someone to sleep. The 850 out does the 800 in every way except feel and being a traditionalist. My friend got on the 800 and remarked about the off line power, the ability to feel the...
  14. SP 800 Six Month Review, learning to ride again

    ATV General Discussion
    After racing some dirt bikes, tackling some trails, and putting a lot of mud and some more time on the 800 I have some more advice. And for anyone that read my other review... I changed my mind, I don't want an 850XP anymore. Nope, I want a cheap used sport quad and my 800. Reasons why (skip to...
  15. 2008 sportsman 800 programmer

    Polaris Sportsman
    I bought a cobra fi2000 programmer for my 2008 sportsman 800 efi. I have no use for this as i sold the quad 3 weeks after i bought it. Willing to let it go cheap. Just message me or reply to this for an offer. The cover on the programmer is missing but no harm because it was far from water...
  16. parting out 2005 polaris sportsman 800 twin

    Polaris Sportsman
    parting out 2005 polaris sportsman 800 twin Excellent running 800cc motor still in bike Parting whole bike. Email your questions Has EKLKA shocks DIFFERENTIAL ECU ENGINE AXLES SEAT WINCH SUSPENSION SHOCKS TIRES WHEELS FRAME WITH PAPERS HANDLEBARS BATTERY ETC...
  17. nos center mount plow

    Polaris ATV How-Tos
    I was wondering if anyone has or has ever used a nos plow mount, #2874815. I hear it Is discontinued and can't figure out how it mounts to my Sportsman 800 Twin. I might buy a universal plow mount later, if I can't figure out how this one mounts. Thanks.
  18. 2012 Polaris 800 150 mile review

    ATV General Discussion
    I wrote something short I think after first riding the 800, no complaints of any serious nature. Well, one thing I never thought I'd say I want an 850 now... Changing the oil: simple. The oil drain plug stops solidly so you know you are done turning it. Oil filter required a wrench to get off...
  19. 05 sportsman 800 overheating

    Polaris Sportsman
    fan works perfectly new thermostat radiator is hot air blowing against motor from fan is warm coolant appears to be cycling tested out radiator cap from a 2005 polaris sportsman 400, no difference in overheating, they are the same cap as far as i know trouble code 45 (barometric sensor circuit...
  20. 3 Broke axles in 1 day.. Help Please

    ATV General Discussion
    HELP!! 3 Broke axles in 1 day Hi, I have a 2012 sportsman 800, I have a 2" HL lift on it and some 30x10x14 outlaw radials. I have real low miles on the unit. I went riding one weekend and broke an axle, warrenty fixed it. went out the next weekend and broke the other three. They will not fix...